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Accounting Course

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    Course Description

    The  UCT Accounting course will ensure the student is well equipped with the tools and the practical knowledge to fulfil a supporting role in the accounts department of any company .  The successful student will be able to draft financial statement, budgets and complete and submit all company taxes.

    Module/Course list

    The fundamentals of accounting – part 1
    The fundamentals of accounting – part 2
    Drafting financials – Part 1
    Drafting financials – Part 2
    Drafting budgets
    Measuring and evaluating financial performance
    Internal control and accounting systems
    Business tax
    Credit management and control

    Course Outcome

    • Knowledge of income, expenses and profit and loss, and an general idee of general inventory systems
    • Knowledge of drafting financial statements, general journal adjustments for trial balance, and closing entries
    • The drafting of cash flow statements
    • The skills to  calculate financial ratios which include profitability ratios, liquidity ratios, debt/solvency ratio and security market ratios
    • The knowledge of all business taxes and penalties and interest, capital gains tax and the self-assessment system of taxation
    • The understanding of the importance and impact of legislation on credit control function, all legal aspects of collecting debt