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Financial Management Course

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    Course Description

    The financial management course will provide a student with a solid foundation of and understanding of the financial management world. The successful candidate will have a thorough understanding of the underlying theory of the financial management principals.  They will be able to understand and execute working capital management, financial performance reporting, be in a position to evaluate projects and control various business activities. Student will further understand the synergies between financial management, strategic planning and other critical related business functions.

    Module/Course list

    An introduction to management

    An introduction to financial management

    Long term investment and financial decisions

    Short term investment and financial decision

    Course Outcome

    • Show knowledge of the function and responsibilities of financial management
    • Evaluate financial performance of a company
    • Understanding the role of long-term investment choices and long-term financial choices in a company
    • Demonstrate an knowledge of the different means available in making short-term decisions