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Digital marketing diploma

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    Course Description

    Digital marketing is growing at a rapid rate and as companies begin to move larger and larger portions of their marketing budgets into digital marketing, it is essntial to have a thorough understanding of the digital marketing realm. More and more managers, marketers and even directors are seeking a good knowledge of online marketing in order to effectively understand the behaviour of their target markets and clients. This digital marketing course will give you the skills to generate revenue from digital marketing efforts.

    Module/Course list

    There are 8 lessons in this course.

    Online Fundamentals
    Target Audience
    Google PPC & SEO
    Affiliate Marketing
    Facebook – Targeted Advertising for Lead Generation
    Sales Funnel – Nurturing Your Leads
    Data Driven Marketing and Sales – Maximum Return
    Strategy – Retention and Recurring

    Course Outcome

    Having successfully completed the Digital marketing course, you will be well equipped to start making online advertising decisions, you will be able to setup and monitor an online advertising campaign and whether you are a corporate employee, self employed or a small business owner, the digital marketing course will put you in a commanding position to take advantage of what online marketing has to offer.

    This diploma is Internationally recognised and has over 1 million graduates worldwide.