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Event Planning Certificate Course (Accredited)


    Accredited Certificate course in Event Management

    This accredited course in event management will take you through the events management process from initial conceptualization to planning, budgeting, risk assessment and mitigation all the way to setting up and breaking down the event.

    To be an effective events manager you need tenacity, energy, creativity and a good head for figures. Your job is to get it done, no matter what!

    Module/Course list

    The course is broken down into eight modules to be completed in a nine week duration. Each module goes through different aspects of understanding events management which consist of the following:


    Overview of Events Management:

    • Defining an event
    • The different types of events
    • The purposes of events and the desired outcome
    • Different role players in events including sub contractors

    Event aspects:

    • Phases of event management from concept to installation
    • Event elements

    Design and plan the event:

    • How to design and plan an event
    • Team selection for an event
    • Elements (e.g. Theme, venue, décor, food and beverage, transport, etc.)
    • Checklists design for hassle free events
    • Vendor/supplier selection
    • How to develop a plan (including logistics and operational plan)

    The Budget:

    • Identify sources of income and expenditure
    • Draw up a budget
    • Understand and apply financial control systems

    Marketing the event:

    • Marketing introduction
    • Marketing methods for different event types
    • How to engage with sponsors

    Manage the risks:

    • Risk assessment and management
    • Identifying risks that could impact the success of an event
    • Conduct a risk assessment
    • Contingency plans to deal with identified risks

    Operations, Logistics and Evaluation:

    • Managing event operations and logistics
    • Determine success/failure of event
    • Determine effectiveness of systems and processes supporting the event

    Event Management Course Outcome

    SABPP certificate CPD certified.

    The course is designed to equip you with the tools and skills to bring people together for a successful events. You will learn the following skills and is SABPP CPD Certified.

    Communication in Different Languages
    Information Technology
    Project Management
    Customer Service
    Industry Knowledge

    Event Management Course Description

    SABPP certificate CPD certified.

    events management sabpp accredited courseAn events Manager is someone who is in charge of planning, organising and meets with clients to excute all types and sizes of events. As the events manager you are responsible for running an event from the beggining to end. The events manager meets with the clients to assess their needs and decide on a budget. Once the budget is determined, the events manager will brief the team and contact the necessary source to cost the eventand help make the event successful.

    If this sounds appealing to you and you would consider a career in events management continue reading below to find out more on the course information and career opportunities.

    The events industry has many fields to choose from. You would become a part of a production team which ensures the the decor equipment and services are all on site on time.Creative team who is responsible for the inventive ideas. The technical team who is responsible for setting up stages, health and safety to make sure that the events abide by all the health and safety regulations. An events manager who has the responsibility for making sure all staff are doing their job correctly and that the event plays out successfully.Last but not least the law and licening experts, who have to make sure that the event as a whole gets done by the book and that there is the necessary licenses needed to host an event.
    Why study events management?

    With an events management qualification, you will be able to plan, co-ordinate and implement events and conferences.

    If you would like to plan and manage a broad spectrum of events in a professional manner, you should consider studying an events management course today! An online course which will teach you the dos and don’ts to ensure that every event is memorable.