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Advanced Business Risk Management Course

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    Course Description

    The  advanced business risk management  course will ensure the student is well equipped with the tools to apply risk management theory to all the practical situations and business functions.  The successful student will know the skills to manage risks across every facet of business and this includes from information systems to investments.

    Module/Course list

    The business context
    Governance, ethics and reputational risk
    Internal controls
    Information systems risk
    Financial risk and foreign operations
    Investment risk
    Behavioural risk
    Risk awareness : recording, monitoring and reviewing

    Course Outcome

    • The student will be able to define how the management of risks will contribute to the success of business objectives
    • The student will have the knowledge to complete the entity’s risk register
    • The student will be able to propose the correct responses to identified business risks
    • The student will have the understanding to assess the ethical, reputational and governance risks facing a business entity
    • The student will have the know how to asses the risks that are associated  with information systems
    • The student will be able to evaluate the financial risks of a company