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Business Management Course

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    Course Description

    The business management course will provide a student with the necessary knowledge of and insight into the wide-ranging area of business management.

    The successful candidate will have a complete understanding of the basic theory of business management in a company.

    They will be able to recognize the inter-relationship between business management functions and that of other related business functions which include operations, human resource management, marketing and the financial views of business.

    Module/Course list

    An introduction to Management
    The role of managers
    Operations Management
    Human resource management
    Marketing management
    Financial management

    Course Outcome

    • An understanding of the functions of management and the influence a changing environment has on management
    • Comprehension on the importance of management in a company
    • Recognition of just how important the function is of the operations management within a company
    • Understanding the management of human resources in a company
    • Identifying marketing as a business function and showing an understanding of the importance of marketing ideas ie product features, product range, product positioning etc.
    • Understanding the importance of a financial manager and their role in a company.