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Business Research and Analysis Course

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    Course Description

    The  business research and analysis course will teach the student the necessary skills in business research that can be applied to increase their ability to make sounder business decisions, to come up with strategic solutions and to have more impact in their day to day roles.  The student will have the knowledge on how to design research, collect, interpret, analyse and evaluate data as well as present research findings while using various quantitative and qualitative methods.

    Module/Course list

    Fundamentals of business research and analysis
    Research principles and approaches
    Business research design and methods
    Measurement scales, sampling and variables
    Data collection techniques
    Qualitative data analysis, interpretation and evaluation
    Quantitative data analysis, interpretation and evaluation
    Documenting and presenting research findings

    Course Outcome

    • Will be able to solve unforeseen problems or make vital decisions by using effective research
    • Distinguish between several measurement scales and sampling methods
    • Use numerous data collection techniques and tools, i.e. surveys and questionnaires
    • Utilise qualitative methods for analysing, interpreting and evaluating textual data by means of thematic analysis
    • Examine a method an tool for preparing and analysing quantitative data
    • Presentation of a research report using quantitative and qualitative findings