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Entrepreneurship course

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    Course Description

    Entrepreneurship skills are becoming increasingly important in a country where unemployment is at all time highs and the prospect of finding a job are looking very bleak in the coming years with predicted growth at below 3% and in some cases predictions are below 1%. Instead of looking to Governement to solve the unemployment problems, we should al;l take responsibility for our own future. 

    The Government certainly does need to provide an environment which supports entrepreneurs, but it is essentially up to us to make it happen. If we wait for Governement, we will wait forever.

    That said, let us look at what an entrepreneurship course will teach you.

    Module/Course list

    Where there are many forms of entrepreneurship, we will focus on entrepreneurship from the stance of starting a new venture.

    You will learn entrepreneurial strategy, process, capital acquisition and be in a position to start and and manage a new entreprenurial venture.

    Students who wish to start, operate, manage and grow a new small to medium business venture need certain skills to help them not only start but move the business through it’s various growth phases.


    Time management



    Business management

    Marketing management

    Logistics and supply chain

    Course Outcome

    For any entreprenuer seeking to start his own business, the knowledge and skill to be able to plan, start and manage a business is the desired outcome.

    You will however be rewarded with a certifcate that will describe your competencies.