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Events Management Course

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    Course Description

    The events management course will ensure the student is well equipped with a strong foundation in all the key concepts, values and procedures that will be needed to effectively design, plan, market and manage events of all sizes.  The student will be able to plan events as big as weddings, art exhibitions, conferences, corporate functions, sporting events or brand activation.  There are more and more demands for professionals trained in this area.

    Module/Course list

    An introduction to events management
    Event role players
    Bidding and securing and event
    Event operations and logistics
    Event design and decor
    Financial management of events
    Risk management
    Sustainable events and event greening
    Event marketing and sponsorship

    Course Outcome

    • Understanding the process of tendering to host large events and knowing how to acquire business on a smaller scale
    • The knowledge to execute a successful event using project management skills
    • All the logistics from the concept and design of the event to the final day of breakdown of the event
    • Know how to implement the different stages of design, and knowing the different elements of an event.
    • Knowledge of budgeting and finances
    • Knowing that there will always be risks, and knowing how to deal with them
    • The understanding of the importance of marketing strategies, market research and communication strategies.