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Marketing Management Course

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    Course Description

    The marketing management course will provide a student with the necessary knowledge of and insight into the world of marketing management.  The successful candidate will have a complete understanding of the basic theory of marketing management principles and will be able to show practical skills in the execution of functions like market segmentation, being able to identify target markets and writing a marketing plan.  They will be able to recognize the inter-relationship between marketing management functions and that of other related business functions including the strategic planning aspects of the company

    Module/Course list

    An introduction to Management
    An introduction to Marketing
    Target Market and promotions
    Marketing Communication
    Marketing Resources
    Marketing Team

    Course Outcome

    • Identifying marketing as a business function and showing an understanding of the importance of marketing ideas i.e. product features, product range, product positioning etc.
    • Show an understanding of the competitive environment, target market, brand, product and service promotions
    • An understanding of the communication process involved with the service providers and the customers
    • Recognition of expertise and resources which can be developed to meet marketing goals
    • Recognising the importance of team work, performance standards and organisational ethics to achieve marketing objectives