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Operations Management Course


    operations management course

    Operations Management Course Description

    A good operations manager is an individual that is highly motivated, very well organised and a perfectionist. Operations management is a critical function that often works hand in hand with the logistics and supply chain management team.

    The operations management course will ensure the student is well equipped with the working knowledge and the practical skills that are relevant in order to be a successful operations manager in both organisational and managerial context.  The student will learn how to identify and then evaluate operations-related problems, then find the most effective and efficient solution to develop internal processes and systems within any company or industry, that will lead to a maximised profit and success .

    Module/Course list

    The operations management course is broken down into 9 modules to be completed in 10 week duration. Each module goes through different aspects of understanding operations management which consist of the following.

    • Orientation:
    • What is operations management
    • Supply chain and logistics
    • Forecasting and inventory management
    • Capacity and resource planning
    • SHEQ (Safety, Health, Environment and Quality)
    • Facilities management
    • Production and process management
    • Quality management

    Course Outcome

    • Understanding the nature of strategic, operational and tactical decision-making
    • Understanding receiving dispatch and warehousing
    • Understanding how to forecast demand and plan supply
    • Planning capacity throughout the organization
    • Develop the ability to manage sustainability and quality
    • Designing the best service scape for each specific target market
    • Define the concept of production processes
    • Lean systems approach to improving operational efficiencies
    Operations management
    In every industry there have to be various functions to have a business running smoothly, Operations management is one of the most important functions a business needs to manage to manage the process of goods and services. To understand Operations management you will have to go through the 4 Processes that have to be achieved to get the best results in a business’s productivity  which include, organizing, coordinating, planning and controlling are an essential key to get control over services within a business.

    The main purpose that operations management deals with, is its products, processes, services and supply chain, these functions consider the development of resourses that businesses need to deliver great goods and services in a productive manner.

    Operations management needs an integrative body of knowledge and skills which are needed have strong similarities that are distinguished between an effective operations management and supply chain management. A Perfect organization is having the ability to enhance efficiency and drive productivity as an operations manager in order to be a successful operations manager it is important to have the following skills in places: Leadership, Conflict Management, Business Negotiation ,Organization ,Decision-Making, People Management, Data Entry Skill, Data Processing Skills, Dependable, Reporting Skill,  Deadline-Oriented,  Budget Development, Critical Thinking and Problem Solving Skills, Communication Skills, Persuasiveness, Influencing and Leading, Delegation,   Team Work,    Negotiation,  Adaptability and  Stress Tolerance.

    This operations management course will prepare you to understand all the processes of operations management within an industry. Operation management is having coordination required in setting up these processes in practice to get great services and goods.

    Why study operations management?

    It is essential to understand that operations management is one of 3 important functions of any organization. To study operations management you will learn how goods and services are produced, you will understand the duties of the operations managers such as exploiting technology to increase productivity and being able to create a high- performance workplace.