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Digital Transformation Course

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    Course Description

    Digital Transformation is fast becoming the next big business evolution as businesses are forced to turn to digital products and services to stay in contact with customers and suppliers in the midst of a pandemic. Innovation during this time has moved at lightening speed and organizations that do not transform digitally are at risk of losing to more nimble digitally savvy businesses.

    The term digital transformation itself is hard to define; moreover, setting an organization on the right track towards its future is not easy or straightforward. As digital and new technologies push us as people to new frontiers and new expectations, businesses and organizations are at risk of falling behind. Organization, business and transformation leaders need a breadth of knowledge to set a strategy for transformation of their organization, covering vision setting, customer-centricity, technology, culture and leadership.. We Will also show you a few advantages of AI that don’t affect your workforce.

    Understand how to use Digital Apps like ZOOM, Facebook, Twitter etc to your advantage. Get to improve your on-line skills.

    This course will fundamentally positively impact your organization, company or  business in this new era.

    Module/Course list

    Creating a digital Business Brand

    If your business is not online now, you need to get online fast. Learnm what companies and customers have come to expect from a brand in a digital economy, what it takes to build one and where to start.

    Customer centricity

    Your customers have become more familiar with the internet, the tools that are available to them, comparison shopping and use a host of other technologies to function. Learn what technology and platforms are available to them and to you to engage with them as they expect to be engaged with.

    Creating an enabling environment

    It is every aspect of your business that needs to be transformed, from interacting with staff members to interacting with customers and suppliers. Many have already learnt that their future business is not what they had percieved 2 years ago. Prepare to make the change and meet the challenges along the way.

    Designing for the future

    What digital transformation looks like in South Africa.