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Public Administration Course

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Course Description

In the public administration course the student will be provided with the necessary knowledge of and insight into the field of public administration.  The successful candidate will have a complete understanding of the basic theory of public administration and the role of effective public administration in government.  They will be able to recognize the inter-relationship between public administration and other related functions such as financial management and ethical aspects of government.

Module/Course list

An introduction public administration
Public administrative principles
Public financial management legislation
Public sector department structures
Public sector customer service and communication
Public financial management
Supply chain management in the public sector

Course Outcome

• Understand and utilise public sector values, rules and ethics to own public sector work context
• The understanding of administrative values and the role of South African legislation in public administration
• Gain an understanding into the governmental structure of a public sector department with specific reference to the levels of authority and the procedures relating to the resolution of problems
• Understanding the importance and the use of sound communication principles and good customer service to achieve public sector objectives
• Showing the know-how and insight into the role of supply chain management in the public sector environment