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Employee Wellness Course

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    Course Description

    The Employee Wellness short course will provide you with professional training and advanced knowledge on Employee Wellness Course is perfect if you have been tasked to promote wellness in the workplace.
    Research shows that people who achieve a good standard of well-being at work are likely to be more creative, loyal and productive.
    The purpose of Employee Wellness Course is to Focus on the application of interpersonal skills to improve employee productivity and enhance employee social functioning, you will learn how to conduct a wellness survey, build a business case for wellness, gain management support, integrate services and efforts, and monitor and celebrate success.

    Module/Course list

    -Introduction Employee Wellness.
    -Physical and Psychological Wellness.
    -Health and Safety.

    Course Outcome

    – Apply interpersonal skills to improve employee productivity.
    – Apply interpersonal skills to enhance employee social
    – Explain how employee wellness fits within business strategy.
    – Gain management support.
    -Demonstrate an understanding of stress.
    – Integrate services and efforts; and
    – Define and describe occupational health and safety.