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Human Resource Management Course

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    Course Description

    Management of a companies human resources is an often underestimated position. We have heard all great CEO’s from around the World tell us that the most important thing in an organization is it’s people and it is the HR manager who is responsible for selecting, combining into teams and monitoring staff wellness and staff satisfaction. A well oiled machine of a business is often thanks to a dedicated and caring HR manager.

    The human resource management course will ensure the student is well equipped with an understanding, perception and the practical tools that will be needed to effectively design and execute an effective Human Resource Management strategy.  The student will gain knowledge of the latest HR developments and procedures, how to successfully apply them within the South African context, and how to handle employees efficiently and strategically.

    Module/Course list

    An overview of human resource management
    Human resource management and statutory requirements
    Human resource systems, policies and procedures
    Recruitment, selection, assessment and on-boarding
    Performance management
    Human resource management as the custodian of change
    Employee wellbeing and organisational health and safety
    Facilitating training and development
    Rewarding, incentivising and retaining employees
    Strategic human resource management

    Course Outcome

    • The student will have knowledge of how to use metrics to assess the efficiency of a company’s HR policies
    • The student will know how to navigate the legal requirements and legislative framework regarding the employment  as well as the management of people in companies in South Africa
    • The student will be able to create a customised recruitment and selection process for a company
    • The student will have knowledge on how to implement  a strategy and a business plan  by using a suitable performance management system
    •  Navigate the occupational health and safety act 85 of 1993, stress and burnout in the workplace, the employee wellbeing programs, and violence, bullying and intimidation in the workplace