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Human Resource Management Course

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    Course Description

    The human resource management course is a strong foundation learning course where students will learn the principles of human resource management within an organizational context.
    The successful student will have a thorough theoretical knowledge of the underlying human resource management principles and be in a position to understand and apply the practical skills to execute functions such as people management, training and development.
    Students will have an understanding of the inter-relationship between human resource management function, other related business functions and strategic planning aspects of companies.

    Module/Course list

    An introduction to management
    Industrial relations
    People management
    Training and development

    Course Outcome

    • Demonstrate an thorough understanding of the various environments that impact on sustainability and profitability of a company
    • A demonstration of vital knowledge of management which include their use of planning, organizing, leading and control in order to reach the companies goals
    • A knowledge of the different labour legislations in South Africa, being able to explain the relationships between the parties in the labour relations system and the understanding of how to manage diversity
    • Must  demonstrate knowledge on effective recruitment, selection and induction of new employees
    • Be able to describe the importance of training and the development of the companies human resources in order to increase the companies productivity