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Management and Leadership Course

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    Course Description

    The digital copywriting course will equip the student with the necessary skills to crafting a perfect online copy for effective marketing and sales.  The student will have the knowledge to share information which is more precise and effective in the digital world.  the student will have in depth knowledge on convincing copy, search engine optimisation, writing for emailing, advertising and social media as well as mobile optimised text

    As the numbers of websites and pages available to people increases on the internet, it is the quality of your writing and the ability to write in a manner that spoecifically targets certain search terms that will set you apart from the rest of the pages on the web.

    Never before has it been more important to produce quality content, specifically written so that Google and other search engines are able to index it easily.

    Module/Course list

    Introduction to digital copywriting
    Laying the foundations
    Writing for websites and mobi sites
    Email, advertising, PR and social media
    Enhancing your digital copy

    Course Outcome

    • The knowledge of writing a brilliant piece to advertise a product in a way that will make people want to buy
    • An understanding of effective digital writing by using convincing copy, search engine optimisation, writing across a variety of media, and mobile-optimised test