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Management Information Systems Course (MIS)

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    Course Description

    Management Information Systems (MIS) is the study of how technology can be used to solve business problems and create new business opportunities which allow for an organized approach to the information needs of a manager at every organization level.
    The main purpose of the MIS course is to give managers feedback about their own performance; top management can monitor the company as a whole however this course will introduce students to the process and tools through which the information needs of managers are satisfied.
    The role of the MIS is organizing, evaluating and efficiently managing various departments in an organization.

    Module/Course list

    – Advanced systems development
    -Introduction to Business Information Systems
    –Visual programming
    -Information System Security

    Course Outcome

    -Demonstrate effective communication with individuals, teams, and large groups
    -Demonstrate effective analytical and critical thinking skills to make an appropriate business related decisions.
    -Apply leadership skills and competencies in business situations.
    -Explain the role and significance of effective management information systems, and describe how they contribute to optimizing organizational performance.
    -Explain fundamental concepts of data communications, computer networking, and the related hardware.
    -Demonstrate technical knowledge of computer networks, information security, and information assurance.