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Network Technician / Server Technician

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    Course Description

    The setup and maintenance of hardware, software and networks in an organisation are critical functions that ensure the smooth running of every part of a business enterprise. Network and server technicians are not necessarily IT support staff but do often need to assist users with networking and software issues where required. Often a network or server technician in small to medium size businesses fill both IT support as well as network support functions.

    Another function of a network/server technician is knowledge of Internet connectivity and the various accounts/cloud systems that the company may be using. This is a very important function that requires technical knowledge at the highest level to ensure minimal downtown.

    Module/Course list

    Subject 1: Communicate Effectively in a IT Environment

    Subject 2: Computer Technology Principals & Architecture

    Subject 3: Installing & Maintaining A Server

    Subject 4: Network Concepts, Architecture & Standards

    Subject 5: Data Communication & Client/Server Networking

    Subject 6: IT Project Management

    Subject 7: Personal Development

    Course Outcome

    National Certificate: IT Systems Support, SAQA ID 48573, NQF Level 5

    The successful student will be a well trained and competent network server technician who will be able to set up a server and network from start and will be in a position to maintain, monitor and troubleshoot any issues experienced with the network.