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management information system courses

Management information systems

Management information system course (MIS) is a set of systems and procedures that gather information from a range of sources. Managers use an MIS to create reports that provide them with a comprehensive overview of all the information they need to make decisions ranging from daily minutiae to top-level strategy. Today’s management information systems rely largely on technology to compile and present data, but the concept is older than modern computing technologies.

The main purpose of a management information system is to make managers’ decision-making more efficient and productive. By pooling information from a range of sources into a single database and presenting the information in a logical format, Studying an MIS course can provide an individual with everything needed to make highly informed decisions and perform in-depth analysis of operational issues.

This course can take as long as 24 months to complete, however, the average time for completion varies from 12 to 18 months. To apply for management and leadership course the minimum entry requirement is Grade 9 and at least 16 years old with the ability to read and write English.

once completed with the course students may apply their knowledge in fields such as software application developer, computer systems analyst, network systems administrator and information security analyst.

The most commonly asked question by all once completed degree or qualification is what could I be earning?…well fear not because one of the fields associated with MIS,  A Data Analyst earns an average salary of R224,374 per year.

“Our systems are not fit for purpose, its inadequate in terms of its scope, its inadequate in terms of its information technology, leadership, management systems, and processes.”-John Reid