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Short Course in Supply Chain Management

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    Course Description

    The supply chain management course will ensure the student is well equipped with the skill, knowledge and the expertise required to perform the duties required of a supply chain manager.  This course examines all the different activities that are required from a supply chain manager.  These activities include procurement, inventory, warehousing management, forecasting, transportation, financial and packaging management.  This course will teach the student how to integrate all of these tasks successfully.

    Module/Course list

    Introduction to general management
    Key management & functional areas & the role of Logistics
    Procurement Management functions
    Inventory and materials management
    Warehousing and storage management
    Forecasting and demand management
    Transport management
    Container and packaging management
    Reverse logistics and investment recovery
    Managing the international supply chain
    Creating a competitive advantage

    Course Outcome

    • The student will be able to identify the key functional areas in supply chain management
    • Un understanding of how important supplier-evaluation and negotiation theory in the strategic sourcing process is
    • Will have the knowledge of inventory counting and the carry costs thereof
    • Will show a knowledge of creating a productive program on how to improve warehouse performance
    • Will be able to determine the best forecasting technique for a company
    • Weigh the pro’s and cons of the various transportation modes
    • The knowledge of the 4 fundamental components of packaging  and how containers have influenced the modern supply chain
    • A knowledge of how to differentiate the costs and the benefits of outsourcing investment recovery and the reverse logistics process
    • Will be able to formulate when a company is ready and able to effectively enter international trade
    • The knowledge on how to analyse  the supply chain structure from a competitive perspective