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Supply Chain Management Diploma Course


    Course Description

    The supply chain management course will provide a student with the necessary knowledge of and insight into the world of supply chain management.

    The successful candidate will have a complete understanding of the basic theory of supply chain management and the role of supply chain management within a company.  They will be able to recognize the inter-relationship between supply chain management functions and that of other related business functions, including the logistics and inventory management.

    Supply Chain Management is a critical function in most businesses dealing with the management and flow of raw materials, goods and services to ensure that the right materials/services are at the right place at the right time and at the right price.

    Supply chain management becomes increasingly important in a Global economy and includes the coordination, production, shipment, and distribution of goods from the point of production to the point of consumption.
    Why consider studying supply chain management.

    This Course is ideal for someone who is already working in a supply chain field or wishes to update skills to pursue a new and exciting career as a supply chain manager.

    Module/Course list

    Supply Chain Management
    Environmental Analysis
    Forecasting and demand Management
    Creating a Competitive Advantage
    Warehouse Operation and Facility Design
    Procurement and Packaging
    Inventory Management, Logistics Investment Recovery.

    Course Outcome

    • Understanding supply chain management and procurement
    • Showing and understanding of the key concepts, fundamentals, impacts and the philosophy of supply chain management
    • Demonstrating a vital knowledge of logistical systems analysis and the establishment of a competitive supply chain infrastructure
    • Show an understanding of the insight into essential methods of strategic sourcing in the context of supply chain management
    • An understanding of how to manage the relationships between the supply chain partners
    • Showing a essential knowledge of inventory management

    The course is broken down into 8 modules to complete in 24 Months. Each module goes through different aspects of understanding Supply Chain Management.