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Project Management Foundations Course

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    Course Description

    The project management foundation course will ensure the student is well equipped with the most recent and most effective project management tools and methods that are relevant in order to be a successful project manager.  The student will understand the value and impact of successful projects, the most common project constraints which are time money and quality and how to apply lean principles to projects.  These are to name but a few.

    Module/Course list

    Introduction to project management
    Initiating a project and identifying stakeholders
    Risk management
    Work breakdown structure
    Realistic scheduling and accurate estimating
    Understanding cost, schedule and quality
    Selecting a project team
    Clear communication among project stakeholders
    Measuring progress and solving common project problems
    Advancing your practice of project management

    Course Outcome

    • An understanding of the value of successful projects
    • The student will be able to identify and deal with stakeholders efficiently when managing a project
    • The student will be in a position to develop a response plan and to conduct continuous risk management
    • An understanding of how crucial the work breakdown structure is that assists in the breakdown of a project into the various component parts
    • Assigning and balance resources, estimate fundamentals, and build an in depth and detailed budget
    • Understanding costs, scheduling and quality
    • A knowledge of leadership roles, building team identity, creating a positive team environment and conflict management
    • An understanding of the importance of clear and effective communication
    • An understanding of Evaluating progress and solving general project problems