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Digital Marketing Course

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    Course Description

    The digital marketing course will ensure the student is well equipped with the skill, knowledge and the expertise required to design and apply an effective , integrated digital marketing plan.  This course will give the student the best chance to win the attention needed for their respective client and or companies.

    A competent digital marketer will not only become an invaluable member of a team in any business but will also equip the person to successfully run and manage online marketing campaigns for their own business.

    This course is ideal for anyone wishing to get a foothold in the digital marketing game and for small business owners who wish to manage their own online marketing campaigns.

    Module/Course list

    An introduction to digital marketing
    Website design and development
    Web analytics
    Search engine optimization (SEO)
    Online copywriting
    Online advertising and PPC
    Social media and web PR
    Email marketing

    Course Outcome

    • Creating a successful WordPress website
    • The construction of an email newsletter
    • SEO
    • The marketing of social media via facebook, twitter, linked In etc
    • Brand management in the online space
    • The measure of and the interpretation of website data using Google Analytics
    • Online copywriting and PR