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Social Media Course

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    Course Description

    The social Media course will ensure the student is well equipped with the most recent and most effective social media platforms and how these can be created and be used for marketing, community building and online reputation.  The student will understand the value and impact of social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google and LinkedIn.

    Module/Course list

    Positioning your brand on social media
    Managing and expanding your Facebook community
    Build a following on Twitter
    Leveraging LinkedIn and Google+
    Using Pinterest for marketing and social bookmarking
    How to use You Tube, Instagram and understanding mobile
    Blogging to engage a community and search
    How to manage and measure your online reputation
    How to integrate social media into your marketing strategy

    Course Outcome

    • A knowledge of the different platforms that exist and the most popular tools that are in use
    • The student will have the knowledge on how to use Facebook business pages and the timeline efficiently, focusing particularly to measure user engagement and how to craft effective content
    • The understanding on how to leverage Twitter for both the business-to-business and the business-to-consumer relationship building
    • The knowledge on how to use LinkedIn for business and individual gain, and how to use Google + for community building and SEO
    • The knowledge of other types of social bookmarking websites like Pinterest, YouTube, Instagram and mobile marketing
    • the student will also know how to setup a blog, develop a consistent content strategy and how to interact with the blogging community