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Social Media Course

Accredited by the Digital Marketing Institute


    Course Description

    International specialist certificate from DMIdigital marketing institute

    Proficiency at social media marketing is an essential skill for those wishing to climb the ladder in the corporate marketing department, add value in an advertising agency or starting your own digital marketing business.

    This specialist course run by the Digital marketing institute gives you International accreditation and will set you apart from the rest!

    Social media has the ability to deliver high, measurable return on investment if it is handled by a professional social media marketer. There are tools and tricks that make it possible to report and gain extremely valuable information about customers and there activities.

    A good social media marketer will be able to target a market with laser precision and deliver returns. For example, you may need to target 25-30 year old men, who live within 20km of Sandton and have an interest in cars. The social media platforms provide the tools and reporting structures to do this and it is the social media marketing expert that is able to design a social media campaign that will entice him to view your offering.

    No matter what you sell and who you sell it to, using social media as a marketing tool can help any business grow a brand and make money. In today’s times Social media marketing is one of the fastest growing fields in the marketing; many people are active on various social media platforms which show a clear indication to the marketers to target these users. The demand for social media experts are increasing day by day.

    Have you been intrigued to a point where you knew you wanted to be a part of the social media experts? Well this course is the perfect choice for you. The invention of Social media has radically changed the way we interact with the world, one third of the entire world’s population uses social media. Social media marketing is taking the business world by storm. In conjunction with e-marketing, social media marketing provides large and small businesses with a new channel to reach out to a huge market of well over a billion users, at affordable prices. Social media marketing has the added advantage of leveraging value from the social and personal ”conversations” that are already taking place among a business’s customers, using social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Blogs, YouTube, etc. Because customers place considerable value on the opinions and advice of family members, friends and colleagues, these social media conversations and channels have a considerable impact on the views of customers who participate in these conversations.

    Purpose of the course in social media marketing
    • introduce students to the world of social networks and how they work, from a marketing perspective in particular
    • marketing practitioners and other managers who need to get to grips with new social media marketing and the channels that support them,
    • entrepreneurs wishing to market their own businesses in affordable, yet effective ways,
    • existing businesses, large and small, that need to expand their current markets and grow their businesses using social platforms
    • any individual who wishes to get to grips with social media marketing and improve his or her career and employment prospects

    This is a generic social media marketing course developed to address the needs of a global audience. Social media marketing is growing at a tremendous rate and provides unique career opportunities for students.

    Social media course modules
    The course is broken down into 10 modules to complete in 6 Months. Each module goes through different aspects of understanding Social media marketing.

    The modules in this course are designed to teach you how to:

    • Do social research
    • Specialise in content creation
    • Conduct content outreach
    • Work with Facebook
    • Work with Twitter
    • Work with LinkedIn
    • Work with social media apps
    • Work with social video
    • Work with marketing automation
    • Implement strategy and planning
    Module details
    Social Research:

    • Understand the foundation principles of social media marketing
    • Distinguish between traditional and social media marketing
    • Understand the dimensions of audience research to define the needs, wants and goals of your audience
    • Create a framework for identifying and performing competitor analysis
    • Investigate the key components of cultural and trend research to inform your social media campaigns

    Content Creation:

    • Plan a content creation strategy that targets the right audience to increase ROI
    • Create a variety of content formats that will help you to deliver the right content to the right audience to increase conversions
    • Identify best practice, optimal management and scheduling of your content for increased engagement and reach
    • Devise, execute and monitor your own content creation strategy for campaign success

    Content Outreach:

    • Create a solid content outreach strategy by performing content analysis to extract deep insight
    • Understand content seeding and how to use content effectively over multiple social platforms
    • Apply content outreach tactics and concepts in order to gain reach for your target audience
    • Effectively analyse and measure the success and impact of your content
    • Monitor the results of the publishing and promotion of content to improve and optimise your content outreach strategy


    • Understand how Facebook works as a platform for community building, content marketing and brand promotion
    • Develop a Facebook page that expresses your identity, reaches your audience and engages with your audience through social interactions
    • Identify and utilise the various Facebook platform features to target your audience and drive results
    • Plan and deliver a Facebook Advertising strategy, using the various advertising tools and formats available
    • Analyse, optimise and report on the performance of your ads to create powerful campaigns that convert


    • Recognise the value Twitter represents to businesses as a marketing and promotion platform
    • Set-up, customise and promote a Twitter account to build a profile for a business, brand, organisation or personality
    • Implement Twitter Ads and specific formats to run campaigns and promote content aligned to your KPIs and marketing objectives
    • Learn how to integrate Google Analytics with Twitter analytics and third-party tools to analyse campaign performance and optimise accordingly


    • Recognise the importance of having a unified brand presence across company and personal LinkedIn accounts
    • Use LinkedIn-specific features and tools to set campaign objectives and increase ROI
    • Run ad campaigns that reach, nurture and convert customers
    • Use LinkedIn analytics tools to measure and report on your campaign success

    Social Apps:

    • Confidently navigate each platform’s features and optimise for both organic and paid campaigns that drive results
    • Manage Instagram and Snapchat accounts effectively, in accordance with best practice guidelines
    • Master Instagram and Snapchat’s native advertising tools to drive targeted traffic to your content
    • Analyse campaign performance through native and third-party analytics tools to measure success and improve your social media efforts

    Social Video:

    • Create, optimise, and manage a YouTube channel for your brand
    • Recognise and understand the best formats of social video for content promotion
    • Use enhancement features to improve your video content and extend user engagement in order to gain a dedicated fan base and create brand advocates
    • Make your video content searchable by targeting key demographics and new potential markets
    • Develop your own YouTube advertising strategy in order to run cost-effective and successful campaigns
    • Utilise YouTube’s pro-analytics for monitoring your advertising strategy

    Marketing Automation:

    • Understand the terminology, features and processes used in marketing automation
    • Appreciate the capabilities of marketing automation software for scaling marketing processes and activities that are already successful
    • Make informed decisions on the best marketing automation tool for your business and marketing goals
    • Understand inbound/outbound marketing philosophies, the buyer’s journey and how they can be applied to marketing automation
    • Import and organize contacts from various channels to facilitate online tracking, lead scoring and segmentation
    • Generate, nurture and communicate with leads through marketing automation software
    • Analyse and measure the success of your efforts through daily, weekly and monthly reporting

    Strategy and Planning:

    • Plan, research and set informed objectives for your social media strategy
    • Prepare materials and assets to take action and implement strategy activities
    • Develop and implement your content, campaigns and activations in your strategy
    • Report, analyse and measure the performance and impact of your strategy activities
    • Apply changes to your strategy based on learned insight from the learn phrase of the PROPEL model

    Course Outcome

    SABPP certificate CPD certified.

    The course is designed to equip you with the tools and skills to bring people together for a successful events. You will learn the following skills and is SABPP CPD Certified.

    Communication in Different Languages
    Information Technology
    Project Management
    Customer Service
    Industry Knowledge