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People Analytics Course

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    Course Description

    We are well and truly in the age of big data. Data is being collected asbout people in numerouis ways and being used to determine what our behaviour is going to be, what we like, where we are likely to go on holiday, what the chances are of us commiting a crime and the list goes on. 

    This may bseem like a scary scenario but in fact if we as business people, governemts and employers use this data properly, we may have the beginnings of a beautiful relationship. 

    Imagine working in a HR departmnent and know with a high degree of certainty that the person you are considering employing for a role, is very likely to steal from the company. How do you deal with what you know?

    There are many questions that need answering as we move further and further into a World of Artificial Intelligence and big data and what our responsibilities are when handling this data and it’s findings/recommendations.

    Module/Course list

    You will learn techniques that can be used to recruit and retain the right people for the right job.

    You will be introduced to analytical techniques and how to use the datafor recruiting, performance evaluation, leadership, hiring and promotion, job design, compensation, and collaboration.

    The People analytics course is an evolving course which will be updated periodfically. This is in order to capture the fast moving technology involved in analysing people and behaviour.

    When selecting a course in People Analytics It is important to understand that you will need to complete a number of modules before you will be in a position to perform complex talent management data analysis.

    There is an Introductory course which will introduce the concepts of using data and AI to manage people. The basics are that companies do well when the people working in those companies are happy and feel they are making a meaningful contribution.

    The introductory course is ideal for employees to understand the processes that HR departments use when evaluating prospective employees and will give you a thorough understanding of your position in an organisation.

    Course Outcome

    • An understanding of the sources of analytical data.
    • An understanding of what makes a valuable employee to an organisation.
    • An understanding of the future of the recruitment and HR industries around the World.