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labour consultant

For those with a calm disposition, clear mind and exceptional communication skills, Labour Consulting is an excellent career choice. With an in depth understanding of the job description that a labour consultant fills in a company, one gains the insight of the type of personality most suitable to the job.

When people are involved in any matter of dispute, the element of both sensitivity and neutrality is essential, especially while garnering facts. This requires the ability to work collaboratively, while maintaining a professional demeanour and the ability to listen attentively. In matters of conflict, a third party needs to stabilise the situation and douse volatility. Making assumptions is unethical and inappropriate.

The labour consultant does not have the right to make emotional decisions. He is guided by legal parameters and listens to both parties, while acquiring facts and applying his knowledge which he relays objectively to management.

It is essential that he keeps abreast of The Labour Law Act.

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The labour consultant

The Labour Consultant has studied Labour law and Human Resource Management to acquire the qualification necessary to fulfil this important position in the Human Resources Department within a company. This position would be an internal labour consultant.

The bigger the company, it stands to reason, the bigger the workforce. A workforce may comprise 180 staff members who work together in their individual capacities carrying out their job commitments. Working with all kinds of variables from personality types to varied cultures, religions and customs, suggests that conflict may be inevitable. Sadly, not everyone is tolerant of differences. A labour consultant can run workshops to educate and inform management.

Although it is a favourable requirement of the company for their staff to leave all personal problems at home, the human being is not a robot driven by artificial intelligence. He is a real person who functions on various multifactorial levels. In a society where stress is dominant, it is unreasonable to expect anybody to work in a fragmented manner. As the employee takes his work issues home with him, the same is true vice versa.

Study labour law