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events management course

Hospitality jobs re available at various levels, ranging from entry-level jobs to junior management and senior management positions.

Here are just a few examples of the different types of jobs that are available in the hospitality industry:

Events & catering
Front desk

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Events and catering
Any hotel/venue that has function rooms and or areas of the hotel that are used for functions/conferences will derive a significant part of their income from conferences, events, weddings and meetings. The jobs associated with events and catering are extremely important and require certain skills.

A qualification like the Event management course will put you in a great position to capitalize on this growing sector.

Events manager, banqueting manager, wedding planners and sports management would be the more common job titles in this sector.

Other jobs in events and catering to give you an idea, would be.

Catering assistant: The purpose of this role is to provide assistance to the catering manager. You will be required to assist with performing administrative tasks, preparing and serving food and communicating with guests.
You can be employed by Catering companies, events planning companies, restaurants or cafeterias, schools, universities, and hospitals.
Within this industry, there is main duties/ responsibilities which include Maintaining food safety and hygiene standards, food preparation, serving guests, cleaning, financial recordkeeping and administrative tasks.

There are endless job opportunities in this industry including the support services like sound and lighting, furniture and stemware hire, cleaning services and anything else that may be required to host a successful function.

Knowledge of and skills in event management and planning will give your CV a great boost in any toruism/Hospitality/Events business.

A restaurant manager is liable for making sure that a restaurant is run profitably, efficiently, and in the agreement with all the relevant health and safety regulations. He or she is also responsible for ensuring guest/ customer satisfaction. You can be employed by restaurants, cafes and coffee shops. Within this industry, there is main duties/ responsibilities which include Hiring and supervising restaurants staff, managing a restaurants budget, ordering and doing stock, monitoring the quality of service and resolving complains and making sure high standards of hygiene, health and safety is maintained.
Executive chefs manage the kitchen, they are responsible for monitoring and maintaining the quality of all dishes that leave the kitchen, creating menus and new dishes, managing all staff in the kitchen. You can be employed by the following Restaurants, cafes, coffee shops and catering companies.
Within this industry, there are main duties/ responsibilities which include Planning menus with the restaurant, delegating tasks, ensuring food supplies are ordered on time and prepared with the relevant food safety standards.

Front desk and Concierge
The Hotel Receptionist is responsible for the interaction with guests in a hotel.
When you are a receptionist you are often regarded to as the face of the Hotel. The receptionist is required to deliver great customer service. You can be employed by Hotels, guest houses, holiday resorts, and guest lodges. Within this industry, there are main duties/ responsibilities which include meeting and greeting with guest, help guest with checking and checking out, Answer phones and taking messages some of which are complaints.

Concierge is arguably the most important function in a hotel and requires the person to have intimate knowledge (often inside tracks and preferencial treatment offerings) of the city, restaurants, functions, transport/taxi services, tourist activities and anything aguest may request.

The hotel manager handles the daily operations in a hotel, contributes to strategic planning in a hotel. managers have to maintain a high level of guest satisfaction and make sure the hotel remains profitable. You can be employed by hotels, guest houses, holiday respects and Guest Lodges. Within this industry, there are main duties/ responsibilities that include welcoming guest, hiring and training staff, managing hotel budgets, ensuring compliance health and safety and addressing the complaint.

Management would also include housekeeping managers, event managers, food and beverage managers and offers excellent opportunities both locally and abroad.

Study events management