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events planner

Events’ planner: Events planning refers to the preparation, coordination, and implementation of a variety of events. The events coordinators are in charge of every aspect of an event, from the very thought of the event to the dismantling and clean up after the event. They have an initial meeting with the client to grasp the concept of the event the client wants to host, and from there on out, they plan the event together with their team and the client, they explore possible venues and reserve the venue that the client approves.

The events planner then works on the finer details, taking into consideration the clients preferences on aspects such as food and beverage, entertainment and decorations. Whilst the event is still in the planning phase, the events planner designs a cleanup system for the “break down” aspect of the event. One of the aspects of event planning and coordination is drawing up a budget but it is more important to stick to the budget!

Working in the events industry allows you to be part of a team who is responsible for creative designs and concepts. Many companies prefer to outsource events planner. Therefore, leaving many event coordinators with the option of either starting their own events business, working for an events company or working as an events planner or coordinator for a specific company. Within the events planning department, there are several positions available for one to consider working as.

The admin team is in charge of the “storyline” of the event. That simply means that they are responsible for the unique and creative ideas. They brainstorm possible ideas to present to the client, with the visual aid, to assist the client to see what he/she will be receiving. They are in charge of putting the all the systems in place before implementation.

The design team is responsible for the decorative idea chosen by the client. This may include flowers, lights, drapes, centrepieces, chair covers, tiebacks, floor layout, table layout etc.

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The technical team is responsible for the stage set up, DJ set up and ensuring the event complies with health and safety regulations as well as ensuring projectors and microphones are set up and ready for use. The senior events planner is also known as the events manager and is responsible for overseeing the entire event, from the planning to the implementation phase as well as the evaluation phase. They ensure that everyone in the team performs their duties correctly and to the best of their abilities. They are also responsible for finding solutions to any problems that may arise as well as resolving disputes amongst team members. Senior events planner need to make sure that the events comply with all local laws and that they have applicable licenses needed to host events. It is extremely vital to conduct all events lawfully to avoid serious consequences for the business.

Apart from careers within an events planning team, there are career opportunities as specialized events planner such as:

A wedding event planner is an expert in the wedding planning industry. They know the mechanics and the best and worst of wedding planning, from the best wedding cake designs to marriage certificates. They help plan every single detail of the client’s wedding, from the beautiful wedding venues to the latest decorations. The wedding planner assists the client with possible options that meet and potentially exceeds the client’s expectations whilst remaining within their budget. They help in reducing the stress and pressure on clients by taking care of any details or issues that may arise at the last minute.

Event Venue: A Venue event planner or manager is a master when it comes to his/her space. They know how to utilize that space to execute a fabulous event without having any “dead space”. No matter the size of the venue, they are experts when it comes to the logistics and layout of the room whilst creating an exceptional ambiance that is specific to the event being hosted. Venue managers tend to also be the sales and marketing manager for that venue, who assist in bringing in new clientele as well as helping to advertise shows that are forthcoming. They work hand-in-hand with the event planner to execute the event perfectly.

Sponsorship planners are charitable donors that non-profit organizations (NPO’s) rely on. They aid in raising funds by hosting fundraisers such as lunches or park fun-days as a way to boost donations. They take on the responsibility of catering to successful business people’s needs. A sponsorship planner has exceptional people skills as they need to develop significant relationships with the sponsors. A sponsorship planner is hard to find, as there aren’t many around!

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Catering managers are very important in event planning as every event has catering of some form. This is one of the most crucial parts as it is what most people remember from the event. However, to be a catering manager, one would need previous experience in food preparation as well as the problem-solving abilities as anything could go wrong! They are required to always be prepared with a contingency plan. Many event planning companies outsource the food, however, there are a few that prefer to have their own chefs to cater to their events. That way, they can be sure of the quality they will be offering the client. This is very important to events planning businesses and there is a large possibility of success in being a catering manager.

Public events planner: When it comes to more public events such as music festivals, public family fun days, or any public event, event social media/digital marketing planners are responsible for the exposure and promotion of the event. Every industry has been influenced by social media and event planners use that it to benefit the event. However, social media can negatively affect an event. Therefore, social media planners, try their best to control their event’s page/website. They utilize social media to get more clients to attend the event. They make use of digital design advert campaigns, creative hashtags, live feeds as well as public posts, which means that they allow clients to post their experiences to the event’s page. Social media coordinators are vital in making sure the overall public event is successful, which is just as important as a real-time showcase of the event. It would also give you as a social media coordinator, a chance to work with the latest and greatest technology.

There are many career possibilities as an events planner within the events planning industry. The opportunities are close to never-ending and the industry is quite entertaining itself. An events planner earns an average of R145 641.00 per year. The pay is subject to an increase, depending on your experience and skills as well as the company.

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