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most wanted jobs 2018

It comes as no surprise that in 2018, the most in demand skills are Information technology related skills with .NET developers being in most demand. Sales and marketing are very high on many companies wish list of modt wanted skills, along with events management skills.

Information technology

We are going to look at the various IT related positions as well as where they fit in with other business functions, namely business management which is in position 2 as the most demanded skills and marketing which is in position seven of most wanted skills. The reason we are selection these three areas is that IT skills is an extremely wide reference to all Information technology skills and job. Personally, I think it is long overdue to do away with the term IT, lets face it, IT is everywhere and unless you have a basic knowledge of computers and their abilities, you are pretty much a lost dinosaur roaming the IT wilderness.

OK, having got that said, software and application developers are in extremely high demand and .NET developers in particular. This is also one skill set that pays more in the Western Cape than in Johannesburg, so if you are an experienced and highly skilled .NET developer, you can go and live the good life in Cape Town earning more than your Johannesburg counterparts.

We offer short courses and developers like .NET developers are certainly not qualified with a short course. We will be focusing more on those that wish to add to their current skill set which may be in business management of financial management and need to get a better understanding of Social media marketing for example. This Internationally recognised social media marketing course is an extremely good course which will give you an over reaching knowledge of the social media landscape as well as the skills and costs that are required to make it viable. You will also be in a position to fully understand the reports that are handed to you as proof that the work being done in the social media space is paying dividends.

Social media marketing

This social media marketing course will also put you in a position to go out into the marketplace to start your own social media marketing company, offering a complete service to businesses across the board.

By completing the Social media marketing course, you will fully equipped with all the knowledge of the most important social media platforms around the internet and have the ability to produce reports justifying the spend on social media marketing projects.

Study social media marketing

Labour law course

The labour environment has become very complicated in recent years and procedure is possibly the most important factor when it comes to employing, disciplining and firing employees. In a recent judgement the SOE Prasa was forced to re emply over 700 employees and pay 3 years of back pay purely and simply because they did not follow the proper procedures when firing these staff members.

This blunder cost them over R1 billion and will be quantified a lot higher as soon as the costs of training and certifying these employees again. In most companies.

Learn to avoid the pitfalls of not following procedure and put your department or business in a position to handle any labour issue in the right manner.

Study labour law

Events management

This events management course is ideal for someone who is feeling stifled or bored in their job or for those who wish to explore the possibility of a new career in the events management business.

Events management is one of those skills which many companies pay very handsomely for on the occasions where they need to hold a meeting, event or conference and in many cases, companies are asking for skilled office and administration employees who have a knowledge of events management so that they do not have to rely on events management companies to arrange short notice events or meetings.

Study events management